by Raccoon Venom

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All songs written and performed by Raccoon Venom:
Reid - vox, banjo, uke, mando
Mason - vox, guitars, banjo

Recorded and mixed by Moony Marrow at the Blue House

Featured musicians:
Eden - vox
Emma - accordion, mando, vox
Moony - upright bass, glockenspiel, vox
Piper - trumpet
Porch Cat - saw


released January 10, 2017

Raccoon Venom has been described by Songwriting Magazine as "an effective anarcho-folk machine", by the popular blog, Tour Worthy, as "downright addictive", and by at least one landlord as "too loud." They have performed on Jefferson Public Radio's "The Jefferson Exchange", KPSU radio's "Big Things", and the community television show, "Portland, Place, or Thing." They consider this, their 9th album, their greatest piece of work to date. Featuring musicians from bands such as Porch Cat, She/Her/Hers, and Moony Marrow, this album brings a whole new level of sound to the duo.

Raccoon Venom would like to give special thanks to Eden Artgrrrrl and Katelyn of Falcon Town. But for real, they would mostly like to thank their pets Denalda, Ruby, LC, Nessa, Milo, Winston, Pippi, Algiz, Sarah Michelle Gellar Jr, Twiggy, Inara, and Bandita.

Additional thanks to all the residents of the Blue House for tolerating the yelling. To Moony for recording, mixing, and mastering this beautiful piece of work. To Piper for learning trumpet parts on the spot. To Emma for being just the general best at yelling. To all the folks at Anarres Infoshop for hosting us all the time. And to the Portland folk punk scene for being hella queer and inclusive and warm and welcoming. Oh, and Jesus, just in case. Better safe than sorry.



all rights reserved


Raccoon Venom Tualatin, Oregon

Folky Punksters from Oregon:
Audience Optional. Beer Mandatory.

Raccoon Venom is:

Reid: vocals, banjo, ukulele + more!

Mason: vocals, guitar + more!
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Track Name: Up to You
I'm not sure I'm ready to leave this life behind
But just let me know and we'll hit the road
Baby, it's up to you this time

Lately it's been so hard to breathe
This place is slowly killing me
So I just can't seem to figure out why everyday
It seems like it gets harder to leave

There's nothing that I'd rather do
Than just lie here in bed with you or
Maybe pack up the car and just start driving away
And if you said "let's leave tomorrow," I'd say "why not today?"

And you may have figured out by now
You're the reason that I've stuck around
Whether we're falling asleep or just watching TV
I know I need you here next to me

I think about it everyday
You and me hopping in a car and just driving away
But I just can't bring myself to do it yet
So maybe we should stick around to see how bad things can get
We'll see how miserable we can get
Track Name: Reincarnated
In another life I was a wealthy child
Well, I had pearls and lots of friends
I was a good girl and I never stayed out too late
Until the day my daddy took his shotgun to the quarry
And he blew out his brains
And every night after that I'd stay up and wait
And watch the sunrise

And when the sun rose next I was a redwood
On the Northern California shore
I was a silent giant and lordy how I'd grown
Until the day that mountain man took out his hatchet
And the birds and the squirrels started making up a racket
I bet that mountain man had never heard a Sequoia roar
And as I fell I watched the sunrise

And I woke up in a river off a mountain in Siberia
and lordy I'd never felt so cold
All I knew I outta do was swim out to the ocean
And I hadn't swum very far til I was jumping off a waterfall
Next thing I knew I was being munched on by them strong jaws
I was only a couple weeks old, but that's Enough time to watch the sunrise

That happened over, and over, and over, and over
And over, and over again
And so tomorrow if I see the sunrise
I'll look back and remember all them past lives
Knowing that again I'll see the sunrise
Just maybe not through these blue eyes
Knowing that again I'll see the sunrise
I'll see the sunrise
Track Name: The Drinking Song (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. Shut Up, We Know)
I just want to fill my gut with liquor and with beer
Surely, I must destroy my brain cuz I'm quite fed up with thinkin' clear

And I won't understand what you're saying to me
As your screaming in my ear
So raise that glass high and chug it bone-dry
Then we'll shout, we'll holler, we'll cheer!

Well I wake up in the mornin' and I'm not afraid of the sun
No, I'm not afraid of the sun in the mornin'
I go to bed in the evenin' though I'm not afraid of the dark
No, I'm not afraid of the dark in the evenin'
I just really ought to get some sleep
Track Name: Spirit
Knots in my stomach, smoke in my lungs
After getting barely any sleep, but at least I got some
I don't have any fuckin' spirit is what you always say
But I say you're wrong, cuz I drink fuckin' spirit almost everyday

Wake up with an empty stomach and go to take a piss
The room spins, but this is different, I've never felt like this
A part I don't remember, a crack in my head
Why is the floor around me turning red?

My morning was interesting to say the least
But I think I'll stick with my routine
Of just waking

Up with knots in my stomach, smoke in my lungs
After getting barely any sleep, but at least I didn't
Fall on that floor and hit my head on that door and
Put a dent in my skull, cuz I hate going to the hospital
Track Name: Pride
I can tell that you love guns a whole lot more than I do
But do you have to put your love before innocent lives
After all, they're people too

You tell me that your family has more money than mine
But at least we still have a conversation every night

Just because you're white doesn't mean your life isn't difficult
But it seems that privilege made it hard for you to act like an adult

Why do you have to get so defensive
When anybody brings up systematic oppression?
Maybe it's not so bad if someone ever questions
Your point of view

And makes you think from the other side
But no, it's not as important as your pride
Track Name: Quarter of a Fifth
Got a six-shooter on my belt
And every night I pray to god that I won't ever have to use it
Got a fifth of whisky on my shelf
Is it still a fifth of whisky when there's only a quarter of it left?

Got a banjo on my lap
I ain't never been good at pickin', but that's no matter for a traveler
Got the rain fallin' on my cap
Is it still considered rain when it's leaking on the inside of the house?

Got a rabbit without a hole dig
She'll tear up all the covers like it doesn't even matter
Got a log that I have wittled to a twig
Just like that whisky it'll be a whole lotta nothin' pretty soon
Track Name: Tualatin
I don't know if I've ever driven down this road before
Oh I just can't be sure
Because it looks exactly like all the other damn roads

They're all named after American tribes
All the residents are white and they constantly fail to see the irony in that
You know they're taking every chance they get to ignore the fact

That their ancestors probably weren't so kind
To the people and land who belong to that tribe
How could they foresee it perpetuating
Harmful stereotypes and appropriating

The cultures that the natives have worked so hard to preserve
So for once can we give them the peace and respect they deserve

So Tualatin you've named your roads and your parks all wrong
If someone really wants a tour that represents our city just meet me on

The corner of right wing avenue and I'm better at sports than you
Street is not a way you are just a place to drive your parents car
While the Sioux are on the frontline protecting their water getting beaten and pepper sprayed when I heard someone living on Sioux court say

“Happy holidays? Are you fucking kidding me?
It's merry Christmas haven't you ever heard of
good ol’ fashioned white supremacy?”
Track Name: All I Need
I'm ready to go home now
Which is funny cuz I'm already home
Torn between the home where I was born
And the home only I've known

When the rain falls in Oakland
Like it's done for the past two weeks
It makes me wonder if Portland is calling me
When it's overcast in the East Bay
And there's gasoline in the streets
It makes me think about filling up the minivan and driving home

To portrait paintings of pretty ladies on the wall
Yellow moonlight against a dark sky in the fall
My dancing partner, makes my heart turn and that is all
All I need in a lover ain't nothin' other than what she brings
I can't describe it, ain't nothin' like it, it makes me sing
Track Name: Cats & Rabbits
Oh my darlin' loves her cats more than me
Oh my darlin' loves her cats more than me
But I just can't blame her for that, instead I'll act just like a cat
I may not be too cute, but I can sure as hell sleep and eat

Oh my darlin' loves her rabbit more than me
Oh my darlin' loves her rabbit more than me
But I could never ask her to break the habbit, instead I'll act just like a rabbit
I may not be too cute, but I've sure as hell got big feet
Track Name: Whisky & Lemonade
I'm drinking whisky and lemonade, lord
Getting tipsy on that Buffalo Trace, lord
Sitting under Hickory, it's a sunny day, boy
I'm drinking whisky and lemonade
Track Name: Family Recipe
When life gives you lemon trees, but you want apple cider
I'll grab my baby and I swear I'll hold her tighter
Than I've ever held anyone before

When you're way up there on mercury, but thinkin' of Saturn B.C.
It's not that difficult just remember that family recipe
It's one part sad, two parts screamin' out as loud as you can

I've got a mrs. and she likes to call me mr.
I've got a brother and now I've got three sisters
But that curse on Halloween must have turned into the curse on November
Breaks my heart to hold her like this, but some will always remember

If you don't got a baby carriage then don't get a baby horse
If her daddy is a lawyer then don't get no divorce
Instead we'll have some fun, play like bunnies, run rabbit run

So let's listen to our guts now, let's follow intuition
Let's get separated, marry famous politicians
And kill them in their sleep, not a peep, never hear from them again!
We'll run away to Mexico, cross the border, make new friends!

Sometimes I find the sword is just as mighty as the pen
Track Name: My Sins Are Just That; Mine
Oh lord in heaven come from the sky
Come to absolve these sins of mine
But sinner can't change when sinnin' runs deep
So give me lord my sins to keep

Lord have mercy on weary souls
Who traveled far along this jagged road
The road that leads to your pearly gates
But I'd bet my pearls that Hell awaits

Oh lord be fair, I'm just a man
Albeit one who knows he can
Change his evil ways turn his life around
But if I'm an evil man, lord, strike me down
Lord, strike me down